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Ransom by Pinaki Ghosh :: Three strangers have a common goal. Find their sons who are prisoners. With no one to help them, they must arrange the... RANSOM.  The Crimson Key, by Wes Dodd :: David Paige, a young detective from Charleston, S.C., is about to embark on an investigation of a lifetime. After an unexpected tragedy shatters his perfect world, he also discovers that his mother had been keeping a life-long secret from him, revealing that he is not who he believed he was...  Carlo The Mouse on vacation, by Mrs. D :: A funny story, full of the adventures and troubles of Carlo the mouse, who lives a simple life in a Florida hospital but always dreams of greater things. In this vibrant picture book, a daring mouse takes center stage in an adventure even bigger than his appetite.  Santa Gets Bangalored, by Puneeta Khatri :: Santa Gets Bangalored and other stories is a caboodle of fifteen short stories by Puneeta Khatri.This collection has tales of over worked Santa, adorable Krishna, cantankerous principal, not so honest friends, bloviating colors, argy- bargy kids, contumacious bird, loony scientists and many more interesting real and make believe characters.  The Meth by Tanmay Kulsreshtha :: A novel published by Power Publishers.  Dancing Mirrors by Rakhi Sunil Kumar :: A book published by Power Publishers.  BERN BOYS by Diwan :: A novel published by POWER PUBLISHERS  Inside the Boundary Line by Atul Kumar :: A book published by POWER PUBLISHERS  The Trees Have Hearts by Mrs. D :: The enchanting story of a young girl in a strange place and lost in a strange language, will touch your heart. It will take your child into the imaginary world of a little girl who moved to America from a different country. Unable to speak a new language, the lonely girl could not find friends...  I Conned Me by Sabyasachi Mishra :: A book published by POWER PUBLISHERS  Why Men & Women Are North & South Poles by Pinaki Ghosh :: Bestselling book published by POWER PUBLISHERS  Journey of a Restless Soul by Himanshu Joshi :: Journey of a Restless Soul is a tale about desires. The story is about Sai - His views, concerns, failures, success, illusions, awareness, love, loss, and desires. It is an epic of a common man who overcomes his fears and eventually realizes his true potential.  Oh! So Magnifique, by Sreeram R Srini :: Oh! So Magnifique!, a collection of poems, opens with Guru Vandana, saluting and personifying the Guru as a mother, father and a teacher. To School...., a passionate wish from a patriot, highlights the importance of educating the girl child...  Paranormal Exposed! by Prabir Ghosh. Trailer 1 :: A book published by POWER PUBLISHERS  Paranormal Exposed! by Prabir Ghosh. Trailer 2 :: A book published by POWER PUBLISHERS  How to Get Married in Nine Weeks by Rajat Banerjee :: A book published by POWER PUBLISHERS  Asylum..the journey to Britain, authored by ALI SAJJAD HUSSAIN :: A book published by POWER PUBLISHERS